What about my DVDs?

     We buy large collections of DVDs to keep our variety fresh.   We are offered to buy more DVDs than we could possibly ever sell.  Please don't take any offense if we aren't interested in buying your DVDs.   We have our own system for buying DVDs in bulk, and may consider buying out a large collection on an as-needed basis.  Do not drive to the store with the assumption that we will buy your DVD collection, we probably won't.  You can call to ask if we'd be interested in your DVD collection.

If you have a large amount of items to sell to DVD Game Exchange, and you feel you are unable to bring it into the store, please call us to arrange a house call.  We generally only will offer a house call for LARGE trades

Decide which gaming stuff and Blurays you don't feel like you are going to use anymore.  Might be stuff off your shelf, or it might be buried in a closet or garage.

We can give you cash for your items.  You can also use the trade value to help pay for other items in the store.
If you feel our offer wasn't right, please feel free to ask for a bit more and we are happy to try and help.*

DVD Game Exchange
47 W Center St, Orem UT 84057

Mon-Thurs 12-7pm, Fri & Sat 12-9pm

Bring it into our convenient location in Orem.  We must be able to inspect the items before we can make an offer; and some items need to be tested.  Some items we will still buy even if they are not working right.

​Values range based on the popularity of the game as well as it's condition.
For example, a game that is currently popular for us may be worth more, even if it's missing its case or it is scratched up; while an unpopular game may be worth less, especially if it needs reconditioning.

Selling your unwanted games, systems, and accessories is as easy as 1,2,3.