DVD Game Exchange

What's Exchange mean?

      Exchange actually has a dictionary definition of a store or shop specializing in merchandise usually of a particular type.  In essence, we exchange goods for money.

Can I just exchange one item for another?

      We do buy and sell games.  We are a for-profit business.  Which means that we buy items based on their re-sale value to earn a profit.  This means you cannot simply trade any one game for any other game.  It means that we are willing to buy your used games, and you can do whatever you want with that money, including putting it toward other merchandise in the store.

Does DVD Game Exchange "have" to buy my stuff?

      No.  Based on our own need for merchandise, we make our own decisions about what to buy and for how much.   If we feel we are over stocked on something, we may stop making offers on it, or offer less money for it.   If we have difficulty keeping something in stock, we may make aggressive offers to buy it.   Most items fall somewhere in the middle, and we make fair offers based on the re-sale value, reconditioning needed, and turnaround time.  

We hope this clarifies a few things before your visit.  We hope for everyone to have a good experience and not get too caught up on what the simple name of the store is.

What about my DVDs?

     We buy large collections of DVDs to keep our variety fresh.   We are offered to buy more DVDs than we could possibly ever sell.  Please don't take any offense if we aren't interested in buying your DVDs.   We have our own system for buying DVDs in bulk, and may consider buying out a large collection on an as-needed basis.  Do not drive to the store with the assumption that we will buy your DVD collection.  Call ahead and ask if we are currently looking to buy a DVD collection.